Linux 64 bit NVIDIAGameWorks OpenGL Samples suggested fix

Recently I’ve checked out OpenGL samples 2.11 from NVIDIAGameWorks github repo, built it on Ubuntu 15.04 x64(latest nvidia driver 349.12, 2x GF GTX970) and tried to run any sample(no matter debug or release executable): it always crashed with SIGSEGV. I debugged and it turned out that the reason was statically linked libglfw3.a - first call to glfwCreateWindow() in MainLinux crashed. So I installed ubuntu “native” version of the dynamic library and re-linked against it - and now…it works!!! So I want to suggest to fix this issue somehow on GitHib. How should I do this properly? There are no ‘issues’ tab in this repo. Should I clone and make pull request? Probably I’ll try to comment on the existing pull request first.