Linux clock drifts too much

Hi, I am using systemd-timesyncd service to synchronize with the ntp server. When device is not connected to the internet, It is not able to synchronize. I started to see drift in the linux clock. It reaches 3 mins in 1 hour. What might be the reason for this? Is it related to hwclock? How to recover from drift?

Hi @ananth.anbucheliyan , from what you are writing I assume you are working on some Jetson platform? Since you didn’t mention NSight I moved you from that category into the Jetson TX2 category.

Please specify more detail about your exact platform and OS/kernel version you are using, so people might be better able to help you.


I would guess the hardware clock just isn’t very accurate. Many people who need better will add a GPS receiver to sync from.

I have not looked it up before, but the question does make me curious if the hardware clock is part of the carrier board, or if it is instead part of the module. I suspect it is part of the carrier board, which would make it possible for a third party carrier board to use something more precise. So your question may also rely on what carrier board you are using.

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