Linux .deb 64 bit is a desaster, videos (entire system) jerky

There are problems with my amd (an old board…) and my Gforce 550 Ti (2GB) in Linux.deb 64 bit
I have install the latest driver 390.138 (for my system) 440 don t work…
Before, the 390.132 i had the same problem today.
My hardware is ok and checked in windows on the same device (hdd) and my internet is 200 m/bits fast with full speed.

No matter if I’m offline or online, the same everywhere.
No matter which video player.
Offline Videos on the hard disk too …

Sorry, everything is fine now, the problem was with a GNOME Shell Extensions “tweak-tool” called “NVIDIA GPU Stats Tool”
When it was active, the Video stoped short after all 20 seconds.
I delete the tool.
Everything is fine now.