Linux device node creation ?


It is just a technical question to meet our curiosity and possibly use your technique to implement the same behavior in our binary drivers :-P.

How did you create the device node in /dev in linux system ? It seems you do not use a udev rule as we do. When we check how to create a device node inside our kernel module, we have found ‘device_create’ API but it is exported for GPL modules only. Did you use another API to do the same stuff , did you use lower level functions or did we miss something in udev or in the kernel ?

Thanks for any clue.

The device nodes are created by the X driver when the X server starts.

See Chapter 7. Frequently Asked Questions in the README for more information.

Thanks for your reply, it’s much more clear now.

We must continue to use udev rules for our module and not forget to read the nvidia README ;-P