Linux Display Driver (X86) with Quadro FX 1500M


My work laptop is quite old, and only has a Quadro FX 1500M in it. I just installed Linux Mint 17.1 on it. Is there any reason to think that the driver posted at won’t work? It’s not on the supported list, but all succeeding versions of the Quadro FX are.

If not, does anyone have any recommendations for a driver I could use?

I have a Quadro FX 1400 (not M), which used to work well with driver version 304.125:
This lists Quadro FX 1500 (not M, for desktops) it might be worth a try.

It used to work well for me until a month ago, when I upgraded to my latest Linux release.
Now, no way to make it work with kernel 3.18.7/glibc2.20/GNOME 3.14.3, at least for me.

Upon further googling, it looks like you’re right - the page here What's a legacy driver? | NVIDIA shows the 304.xx driver as a legacy driver for the Quadro FX 1500M. Thanks!

I found this driver for Linux. It’s version 304.51.