Linux distro with Nvidia driver + CUDA preinstalled?


Is there a live Linux distro image available anywhere that has the CUDA libraries preinstalled? I’ve been doing CUDA development under Windows lately and I’d like to be able to build Linux binaries occasionally but most live Linux environments don’t include Nvidia drivers, which is inconvenient…

I’m not sure if I can install packages on a live Ubuntu or Arch USB and write them back to the USB drive without actually “installing” Linux anywhere but the boot media so that the kernel modules are loaded on the next boot, haven’t tried that in a while, but thought I’d ask first…

The cuda toolkit is not freely distributable, so there’s no public linux image including it available.
Modifying a live image will be tricky, you can create a live usb drive with file persistence so you can (probably) install the cuda toolkit but not the driver. That would require manipulating the initrd/kernel.
Why not doing a normal install on an usb drive?

Pop!_OS I believe does …

If you download the Nvidia .iso

Try www_usbuntu_com. It has NVidia drivers and Cuda.

It changed the name to www_livelylinux_com