Linux Driver 440.48.02 stopped working on Elementary OS after an update

Please I need help. I’ve updated NVIDIA driver to 440.48.02 and it’s stopped working. I use elementary OS. I’ve tried to go through nvidia-bug-report but I don’t have enough experience.

nvidia-settings gives my this:

$ nvidia-settings

ERROR: NVIDIA driver is not loaded

ERROR: Unable to load info from any available system

(nvidia-settings:16574): GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: 21:34:30.360: g_object_unref: assertion ‘G_IS_OBJECT (object)’ failed
** Message: 21:34:30.362: PRIME: No offloading required. Abort
** Message: 21:34:30.362: PRIME: is it supported? no
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (112 KB)

Please check for a blacklist file, post the output of:

grep nvidia /etc/modprobe.d/* /lib/modprobe.d/*

furthermore, post the output of
dkms status

$ grep nvidia /etc/modprobe.d/* /lib/modprobe.d/*
/etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-framebuffer.conf:blacklist nvidiafb
/lib/modprobe.d/blacklist-nvidia.conf:# This file was generated by nvidia-prime
/lib/modprobe.d/blacklist-nvidia.conf:blacklist nvidia
/lib/modprobe.d/blacklist-nvidia.conf:blacklist nvidia-drm
/lib/modprobe.d/blacklist-nvidia.conf:blacklist nvidia-modeset
/lib/modprobe.d/blacklist-nvidia.conf:alias nvidia off
/lib/modprobe.d/blacklist-nvidia.conf:alias nvidia-drm off
/lib/modprobe.d/blacklist-nvidia.conf:alias nvidia-modeset off
/lib/modprobe.d/nvidia-kms.conf:# This file was generated by nvidia-prime
/lib/modprobe.d/nvidia-kms.conf:options nvidia-drm modeset=1

Thank you generix!!! That helped!

I removed /lib/modprobe.d/blacklist-nvidia.conf and reconfigure nvidia-dkms with:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure nvidia-dkms-440