Linux Driver Related Issues- Newer Drivers-Discovered, freeze,crash,lock etc-Linux Mint/Ubuntu

Hundreds of posts have been posted regarding the boot freeze and lockouts regarding installing Nvidia Driver into Ubuntu and Mint and other OS’s and after extensive testing with multiple Os’s/Distros it appears not to be a manufacture defect with Nvidia software the problem exists as a system and driver collision causing failure. There is a simple easy fix with knowledge of how however the average home user may not be able to perform.
The problem exists as the system boots; many systems have incorporated a boot-time splash screen and as such nvidia has also incorporated a boot-time splash screen and the two splash screens collide causing system failure,boot freeze, lockout,etc…

 The Linux Ubnuntu and Mint fix

If your system is locked you cannot get into it reboot the system and hold down the shift key as linux starts to boot it will open a window where you have options, use your down arrow on keyboard to select the recovery option and push enter in the recovery window select reboot the system normal and hit enter, it may pop up a couple times just keep pushing enter then the system will dos boot and if your system is encrypted you will have to enter your password when it asks if not just let it go your system will boot normal then just follow these steps to fix the problem.

  You must open the file grub...It can be found in the system files.
  1. open system files

  2. look and open the folder etc

  3. then look for and open the folder default

  4. right click on any blank area in the folder and select run as administrator

  5. then double click the file grub (do not open the grub folder just the single grub file, there is a grub folder and a grub file)

  6. In the grub file look for the line with the words “Quiet Splash” and delete the words Quiet Splash not the quotation marks (words Only) so that it now looks like this “”,

7)close the grub file window it will ask you do you want to save click save.

then restart your computer.This turns off the linux splash screen that hides the system loading process. Upon reboot you will now see the loading process but dont be alarmed it is normal. (The slash screen you turned off hides, this it is normal. As it loads if you installed a encrypted system you will be asked for to unlock password during this process when it stops look at the bottom line that says enter your encryption password to unlock crypt sda or whatever then hit enter and let it finish.

The boot screen has the encryption login window built into it, you have turned it off because it crashes the system when you install Nvidia drivers. You will have to enter your encryption password in the text that you now see on your window if your system is encrypted, when the text stops the bottom line will read (enter your password to unlock crypt sda) when you do it will continue and boot the system.If your system is not encrypted,just let the system boot do nothing else until your system opens and it will if you just leave it alone, then you can enter your password as you normally would and use your system as normal

During the boot process you will see a window in text that looks like a login above it it says [u]TTY and enter login------Do Not Do anything, Do Not enter login----Ignore this[/u]-- in a few seconds your system will boot be patient

ATTENTION: Please be aware that linux systems have they’re own display drivers and just because linux is working does not mean your video card is working properly, If you have installed a nvidia card with memory ect it will not be using it. Linux drivers do not activate your card and bypasses it with basic drivers, some but not all proprietary drivers work and you will crash at boot if you encounter this problem follow the steps above to fix it. If you do not care if your card is working as it it suppose to because your system is on then just leave it like that and don’t install any drivers. If you want to use your video card that you purchased you will have to install the drivers in your system to use it for it to work like it is suppose too. WARNING: If you do not know how, then please don’t mess with it because you may kill your system, find someone that knows how to do it.

Please do not complain to nvidia saying that there is a problem with they’re drivers. They’re drivers work as they are designed to work, it is a linux system issue not a nvidia problem. it is up to linux to correct the problem in they’re system at boot time. I myself have encountered this problem, it is not nvidia’s fault.

NOTE TO NVIDIA: You Could help if you could disable your splash screen at boot and give the the user the option to enable it after install if they choose, however that decision is entirely up to you but, it would make it alot easier for us linux users.

ABOUT THE PERSON POSTING THIS…I build and use antique computers for personal use and enjoy the challenge of keeping my system up and running to todays standards, I am not a certified tech. My system is a 1980 system that works just as well,(if not better) as many new computers today, during this process I have been able to discover and correct many bug related issues with many systems. I discovered a bug that created a massive crash with galaxy cable systems network wide that enabled them to correct the problem and I have discovered numerous bugs in various on line gaming products and other software that I use and advised them what the problem is so they could correct it etc. etc. These things require a great deal of trial and error research to pinpoint and find. I have thousands of hours invested. And, I fix friends computers as I can when asked, I am not a certified technician, however I will not post anything that could harm your computer. I hope that I have been able to help many of you with this post.This particular bug was driving me nutz,so I’m passing the fix on to many that have been dealing with same problem. I am not a NVIDIA employee or support tech for nvidia. NVIDIA is in no way liable for this post nor your decision to fix your own problems relating to this post. This fix has worked on my Intel system with Linux Mint Serena and my Nvidia Video card along side Intel Microcode and it is up and running perfectly, the system has been running non stop for over 72 hours, no bugs no crashes, tested reboots, updates etc. no changes, working just fine.On line gaming working fine no problems so good luck all. I’m not to thrilled with the dos boot process, brings back memories, but it works and my system works just fine so I’m good. My NVIDIA card is working flawlesly.