Linux for Tegra drivers requirement


We purchased SECOCQ7-pITX-Xboard and Carma Kit for our application.
Kernel Version: 3.1.10
Ubuntu 12.04 target filesystem

Aggregate resolution supported for PICO ITX kit and Carma Kit in extended mode(LVDS+HDMI) is 20482048 but as we need 2560480 as aggregate resolution.

In this regard please provide possible solution to extend the resolution to 2560480 as soon as possible or the latest tegra drivers which would support 2560480 in extended mode(LVDS+HDMI).

Thanks and regards,

Hi Sravan,

T30 supports mirror, horizontal and vertical layout as long as it is within 2k x 2K limit. You cannot support more than it as this is a HW limitations.

If possible please provide us with the detailed usecase for your requirement so that we can check if there are alternatives to meet the same.


Hi Kaustubh,

Here is our detailed requirement:-

In extended mode(LVDS+HDMI), it needs to support 2560480 as we need to show partial displays of application each of 1280480. I read out in wiki that tegra3 supports video output upto 2560*1600.

Our LCD panels are 1280x480 with 24 bit color depth (2 nos). So, our aggregate display resolution should be 2650x480.

Please let us know if there is any alternative to meet the same as in JetSon board(T30 VCM), this is achieved by changes in /usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers/

Also let us know if the latest would satisy this requirement. If so, please share this so file.

Thanks and Regards,