Linux For Tegra R19

Is Jetson preinstalled? Or will we have to flash Linux For Tegra R19?

Jetson TK1 will come preinstalled with Linux for Tegra.

I am interested on a board from hardware perspective. How Linux for Tegra on Jetson TK1 differs from other ARM boards (UDOO, Beaglebone, Cubieboard, RPi) running debian/ubuntu.

I would want to run Jetson TK1 headless. Running Python/C/MySQL.

The Jetson should function similarly to other ARM boards for your applications, but with a faster ARM architecture and the advantage of using CUDA for GPU-assisted computing.

Just to clarify what ctichenor already said. The Linux for Tegra is basically Ubuntu + Tegra drivers.

Is ubuntu-desktop preinstalled?

Linux for Tegra is based on Ubuntu 13.04, and ubuntu-desktop should be preinstalled. If the OS needs to be reinstalled, or ubuntu-desktop is somehow not available, instructions on setting it up are here:

Too bad. It is always a pain to purge it completely :)

Dear Mr. theoski

Would you share me how to purge entire big head from Jetson TK1?

I need "headless Jetson TK1’ for my project,
but after I flashed my board, “ubuntu-desktop” is already installed.
and I couldn’t purge it completely.

Any information you can provide me would be greatly appreciated.


Run the following commands:

sudo sh -c 'echo manual >> /etc/init/lightdm.override'
sudo sh -c 'echo manual >> /etc/init/bluetooth.override'
sudo sh -c 'echo manual >> /etc/init/cups.override'
sudo sh -c 'echo manual >> /etc/init/cups-browsed.override'

You’ll have almost perfect headless system

Thank you for your help, Mr.Smith.

I’ll try this one. I didn’t know about Upstart, good to know :)

I’m also seeking completely remove “ubuntu-desktop” from Jetson TK1.
The best informative document I got so far is the link below.

  1. [The best](
  2. [The second best](

Ideal solution for me is sample filesystem without ubuntu-desktop.
Current sample filesystem provided by Nvidia is including ubuntu-desktop.

I must check new sample file system(R19.3) released by Nvidia recently.

19.3 comes with ubuntu-desktop as well, so get ready for purging after the upgrade :)

Thank you Mr.JanJ.

Maybe This is a good opportunity to learn how to create root file system…

you can just say
sudo apt-get purge ubuntu-desktop -y

Hi Mr.sundeep471

Thank you for your comment.

I want to do kind of “Factory Reset”, when I got my Jetson TK1,
It donesn’t have ubuntu-desktop and all kinds of dependencies.

When you install ubuntu-desktop by using following command “apt-get install ubuntu-desktop”,
It will install many many packages to your system. and "sudo apt-get purge ubuntu-desktop -y "
is not remove everything.

This pain comes from finding out every packages installed by “apt-get install ubuntu-desktop”,that is pretty dirty work.

removing “ubuntu-desktop” will only delete it,
but if u want to delte all its dependencies, u can use

sudo apt-get purge ubuntu-desktop* -y

try it :)