Linux Graphics Debugger does not work with latest Short Lived Branch (version: 364.19)

If my Ubuntu 14.04.4 (3.13.0-85-generic) computer has driver version 364.19 installed I get the following error after launching a process from NVIDIA Linux Graphics Debugger:

[myappname] NGD: Starting GTI initialization…
[myappname] Found but it does not appear to be an Nvidia driver library.
[myappname] NGD: Fatal Error: Cannot find any system GLX library.
[Status] Searching is canceled.
[Status] Target process exits.

I believe that this problem was also present with the Vulkan beta version: 364.12.
If I have the latest Long Lived Branch (version: 361.42) installed on the same computer I do not have this problem.

I’m getting the same error but with 367.27 on x86_64.
I manually installed from the official package, there are no nvidia packages installed from the system repository.
Mesa is naturally installed however Xorg and the game is (at least when ran normally) correctly using the binary nvidia driver.

Still happens with 367.35, everything same as before.

I’d really love to use this again because the performance is a lot better (especially scrubbing) than on my windows machine, not to mention that it fits my workflow much better.

I’m fine even with any hacks/overrides, manual paths ld_preloads whatever makes it work.
Or any hints about what could help.