linux kernal updates for sdk jetpack releases

the latest sdk JetPack 4.2.2 NVIDIA L4T 32.2.1 contains this linux kernal Kernel version 4.9 supposedly based on Ubunto LTS 18.04.

yet if you download and install Ubuntu LTS 1804 you actually get Kernal version 4.15

it appears that Kernal version 4.9 actually came out in dec 2016 as part of Ubunto 16.04

it also appears that Kernal version 4.14 from nov 2017 supplies support for many more wifi devices which would eliminate a lot of questions in this forum

are there any plans to upgrade the jetpack releases to actually use the kernal provided with ubuntu lts 18.04?

is there any description of the upgrade philosophy for jetpack releases being created by nvidia with which ubuntu versions and linux kernal versions will be in the eventual upgrade paths in the future?

Hi vincebowker,

Yes, it’s under planning, however we can’t disclose the release schedule, may I know why this is important to you? Any blocking issue on your current developing project?


i was merely pointing out that if you had used the kernal in the actual lts 18.04 version (4.15) it would resolve a lot of the issues in the forum dealing with problems getting wifi to work since support for a lot more devices was introduced at the 4.14 level. that was my primary reason for asking the question.

with a secondary of why do you say it is 18.04 ubuntu being used when the kernal 4.9 is acutally from a pre 18.04 version.

that was why i asked about the update philosophy.

i could certainly understand your wanting to stay with one of the lts versions since it has the longest running support.

Hello kaycc,

Though, it’s not necessary or urgent (from our POV) for NVIDIA to move to newer LTS releases but moving to only LTS releases will be best in longer term. Ubuntu lives on the bleeding edge but may also not have many of the new bug fixes that LTS versions receive.