Linux kernel version driver compatibility

Under what Linux kernels is the driver for the GeForce 7025 / NVIDIA nForce 630a hardware supported? I know it is supported under Linux kernel version 4.4.75, for I am currently using it with that kernel. Is this driver supported under the 5.15.* Linux kernels? And the same question for GeForce GT 720.

Check the driver release date - it should support the kernel which was released earlier and usually that’s it.

Most distros however have patches to support proprietary NVIDIA drivers on newer kernels.

You can forget about using the proprietary driver for the 7025. It needs driver 304 which only supports Xorg 1.19, so this won’t work on current distros which are using Xorg 1.20/21. You should use nouveau to make it work.
The GT720 is most likely Fermi based, so you can use the 390 legacy driver for it.

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Thanks. That’s the kind of clear answer I was looking for.