Linux Mint KDE 14, GigaByte GeForce GTX 670, resolution troubble. going outside the monitor

Think my title should fill in the ideas.

I have installed mint now 13 times with the same problem as i had in windows. but in windows i could resize the desktop to fit my monitor, out of the box as it is now. The desktop goes 1 to 2 cm’s outside the monitors edges so i cannot see the taskbar or anything.

Then i’m downloading nvidia-current and doing the xconf and the settings to be full HD resolution and still, it’s going outside the edges. But with a twist, not everything on my screen, text, icons and borders are zoomed in for like 200 to 300% as if i’m watching it all in 800x600. and i don’t miss those days.

here is my conf file for one of the tries

my apologies for not having the log file up right yet, since i’m on IRC after one “fresh” install again and the text and icons are in the correct size. but none can help there either.

What is make/model of your display monitor? Please attach EDID of display. Please provide nvidia-bug-report by running script as root user .