Linux more driver versions in repositories

I run openSUSE (xorg) and driver install has been very easy from nvidia’s hosted repository.
Driver version was 525.116.04 until recently when it jumped to 535.54.03, which is totally not ready for widespread use, as not one game works and it just hangs the entire system. Manually installed 525.125.06 and everything is smooth again.
Would it be impossible for you to have more than just one major driver version in your repo, as in having latest 470, 510(?), 515(?), 525, 530 and 535 versions and let the user decide which branch to follow?

535 should not be the one in the repo alone as it is obviously very broken, please at least offer 525 as well.

I encountered the same problem with 535.54.03 when using reverse PRIME to output the screen to an external monitor. According to, it seems the packages are actually maintained by SUSE, but NVIDIA hosts them, so you need to report the issue to the OpenSUSE community.

You are correct. Thank you.