Linux omniverse connector to UE4?


Is there a linux connector to UE4? (4.25)


We do not yet have a Linux Connector for Unreal Editor. We don’t have any anticipated release date for it and are not actively working on it at the moment. Is your studio exclusively Linux?

Yes, it is exclusively linux. There’s a cluster of 6 image generators, each with twin Quadro P6000 cards & GSync2. It’s running UE 4.25 with nDisplay.

Wow, yea this is also what I needed.
We are a research group at Aarhus University within robotic simulations and it was my job to explore this new tool, but we are strictly using Linux since we do not want our robots to run with windows. We could build everything from scratch, but this will be a major setback/time-loss for us, and the cool thing about omniverse was the ability to speak with every other tool.
This handicaps the use of the omniverse and Isaac SDK.