Linux OpenCL examples not working

Apologies that this is in the CUDA category, but there doesn’t seem to be a category here for OpenCL questions.

NVIDIA publishes OpenCL examples in which their cards support, but it appears as if their linux examples are incomplete:

It is missing a makefile and potentially source code for shrutil. Has anyone gotten this working?

Is NVIDIA actually supporting OpenCL? I haven’t seen a clear and concise answer from NVIDIA.

I posted about this is a few other threads related to the topic. The last version of CUDA that included the OpenCL samples is 4.2, I believe. If you download that version, you should be able to compile the examples fine. What happened is that NVIDIA hasn’t bothered to update the samples since then, and has changed the folder structure in the later versions of the CUDA toolkit, so the OpenCL samples tend to be broken.

And yes, the samples available in that website are missing the files you reference. However, the 4.2 version of CUDA is not missing them, so try that first. You should be able to get them working under the latest CUDA 5.5 or 6.0 provided you fiddle with the makefile paths and such.

As far as NVIDIA support for OpenCL… they don’t advertise it much and they haven’t moved past v1.1, most likely because they’re just focused on CUDA.

I think NVIDIA drivers currently support OpenCL 1.1, and in fact some of the linked sample apps make use of 1.1 features.