Linux PC freezes when Quadro T600 is connected to three 5k displays


I have a Quadro T600, am looking to drive four 5k @ 60 Hz DP displays. The datasheets mention this capability.

The PC works when two DP 5k displays are connected. When a third 5k display is connected, the PC freezes totally. When the PC freezes, I can’t SSH to it to collect further logs. 5k here is 5120x2880 resolution @ 60Hz without DSC.

For reference, here are the logs when a single 5k display is connected :
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (344.6 KB)

Can you please suggest how this can be resolved ? Are there any settings, performance modes etc that I need to set ?

Driver version: 535.54.03
OS: Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS

The issue seems a bit more generic though. I have a T400, which is supposed to support 3 simultaneous 5k displays. The computer freezes when two 5k displays are connected. I have tried various versions of drivers - 510, 515, 525 series in Ubuntu with similar results.

One of our customers recently purchased a Quadro T1000 hoping to drive 4x 5k displays too… fingers crossed that this can be resolved soon.

Bump. Anyone else using multiple 5k displays ? Or even 4k @ 120 on these GPUs…

Hoping somebody from nvidia responds on this. I have tested many driver versions 515, 525, 535. None of the work. Kind of desperate for a solution now.