Linux, Solaris, and FreeBSD driver 352.63 (long-lived branch release)

Release highlights since 352.55:

  • Added support for the following GPUs:
    • GeForce 945M
    • Quadro M5000M
    • Quadro M4000M
    • Quadro M3000M
    • Quadro M2000M
    • Quadro M1000M
    • Quadro M600M
    • NVS 810
    • Tesla M40
  • Fixed a regression that prevented DPMS from working correctly on some DisplayPort displays.
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent X from starting when configured with multiple X screens, some of which scan out to display devices, and some of which do not.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause texture corruption in some OpenGL applications when video memory is exhausted by a combination of simultaneously running graphical and compute workloads.
  • Added support for X.Org xserver ABI 20 (xorg-server 1.18).

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