Linux support: Make a roadmap / pre-requisites

Hi there,
According to the overview page;

The NGX support not only requires it’s own module. But also a 2nd update module to download separately the updates.

However are there any other obstacles for linux support? Aside from those 2 modiles?

It would be nice to have some insight as to:

  • Which other dependency features, mechanisms or components are missing from linux, if any? That is holding this NGX up.

  • The order in which partial support can be added, to the linux driver. How that work can be split up.

  • If the NGX is going to be targeted for a specific future version of the driver.

  • How big of an undertaking it is. Large or small ?

  • If key players / developers have access to the appropriate expertise and resources they need. In order to understand what it is and how to implement it.

  • What kind of priority this feature will be given in relation to other pending features already being worked upon / already on the roadmap.

Hi dreamcat4,

Linux support will be coming soon. Please stay tuned.

Ryan Park

Any updates?

Dear Ryan,

I was wondering if there’s any progress on Linux support.

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Any news on linux support?

I am also waiting for linux support.:)

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the person who originally opened this ticket: Well it was because I wanted to see the new feature ‘DLSS’ also be available on Linux platform. However since that time, NVIDIA have now introduced new image sharpening features that compete with DLSS and do a much better job… So really I don’t mind so much the urgency of this for DLSS anymore. So long as we can receive and use those other better features. Including also the support for itegery scaling, the new RTX based AI streaming enhancemendt support, etc.

So any clarification on those other features / link to those other tickets would be welcome here.

For us it’s mainly DLISR.

DLSLOWMO would be nice as well.

I am interested in the Linux version of DLSLOWMO
and waiting for a good new on linux support.:)

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  • 1 for Linux support but the real game changer will be if this linux support also included support for the T4 GPU via AWS:

Looking forward to a response!

Any Updates?

Hi, you can get the Slo-mo to work on Linux by following the guide here:

The original authors created a version that was implemented by NVidia. Avinashpaliwal created another that can be used on other platforms which is the one I linked above.

Still, it would be nice to have the whole NGX working on linux as there may be improvements.

I am curious about NGX up-res, is there any other Cuda implementation for video AI upscale?

No news yet on supporting Linux?

Ironically since my last message, NVIDIA have brought back and significantly improved it’s DLSS version 2.0 for new titles. So I would very much like to see this back onthe table! And being discussed further.

What has also happened is that the API itself has also been changed and improved to support the new DLSS 2.0 (and perhaps incidentally some other newer features too).

NVIDIA developers: where are you? Have other more pressing / higher priority things now gotten in the way of this? Or have you been quietly working away in the background and not forgotten? Is this work still in the roadmap for Linux Drivers to support in the future. Or has it been shelved and needs to be reconsidered / brought back into your milestones planning?

Please somebody from NVIDIA if you can respond and let us know the situation and where this feature stands in the bigger picture. It would help us understand how likely the feature will be coming up. Or otherwise if we should not get our hopes up, and make alternative arrangements for example switching to windows, or running our things in a windows VM instead. We also appreciate your other improvements and hard work. Many other important things being done and getting fixed on Linux in other areas. So thank you for that and good day.

Linux support is there with 450.51 drivers!!!

@NVIDIA, could you please release also header files for Linux NGX libraries?