Linux VM RTX drivers?

Hi all,

wondering if anyone has used OV in a linux VM. I’m using virtual box as I need to run a linux version of issac sim. Just at the setup stage, wondering if its possible to run RTX drivers via a virtual machine or should i just go all the way and do a full linux install? I was hoping to avoid that as I’ve never used linux before…


Hi @Sirens_uk. I think that’s a VirtualBox-specific question. I did some searching and couldn’t find a solid answer if it can use your GPU like this. (maybe if your host is using the integrated GPU and VB is using the dedicated GPU?)

Hey Mati,

I’m off the coast of mubai tried installing a 2nd drive with Linux. Turns out I have a dud ssd… gonna try partion. Get back to you when I have some progress

Thanks for the help 😉

Wild! Bring me back a souvenir! ;)

certainly will ;)

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