Linux-x86_64 drivers:346.46 GTX980 Compute shader bug persistent threads


Since i install the 346.46 drivers given with cuda 7, i have a new issue with compute shader : i use a persitent thread style:

//do the job
if(jobFinished) break;

This code works well before and make crash now.
To correct it i use :
for(uint dummyVar=0;dummyVar<=bigValue;dummyVar++)

My cuda version of my compute shader seems to have the same problem…

Can you please attach an nvidia-bug-report-log.gz file and a test application that reproduces the problem?

I’ll do it asap, but my code is research code (need to wait May to publish the code).
Our application is a 3D-engine that us a lot of lib and with lot of code…