Lirc library and setting for infared remote control

I request to incorporate or suggest how to do, lirc library and setting to enable infrared remote on jetson boards.

Regards, Hem.

Hi hemsinghb,

Which Jetson Hardware are you using? Then I will be able to direct you to the correct Jetson forum category.


JETSON Orin development kit with jetpack 6.0.

Suggest to consult with vendor to have the porting guide to do the integration.

hi, The library "Lirc " is available for Raspberry pi , however its not installing on jetson boards. This is the problem with jetson board/ kernel . In the kernel list there is no remote controller port to edit.


Please check which kernel configs have to be enbled for the function, and refer to developer guide to enable them and rebuild kernel image:

Kernel Customization — NVIDIA Jetson Linux Developer Guide 1 documentation

actually Im asking for the help , "How to make use of GPIO " as ir transmitter on jetson orin nano dev kit with jetpack 6.0 .

Is any one used gpio as ir transmitter on jetson boards? if so please delibarate.

The function is not enabled in default Jetpack release, ad we don’t have much experience in the use-case. This would need other users to share experience. If it needs to enable certain kernel config(s) or configure certain pin(s) as GPIO, please refer to developer guide to do customization.

Hello friends, the lirc is enabled on kernel of jetson orin dev.kit , but same is not appearing as lirc0 when we use $ ls /dev/ . why ??? please do needful. Actually I wanted to use IRSEND on jetson .