List of CSI sensors supporting ISP with Jetson Image

Sorry for troubling, we are considering a project, planning to use Jetson nano/tx2 with CSI camera.
looking at the official announcement for camera framework from NVIDIA, it’s suggested to use ISP supported sensors.
Do you have an official list for current supported CSI sensors with Jetson Nano image? thanks!

What I know is the raspberry pi camera v2

Hi Yawei,
We are camera partner of NVIDIA. We have some camera solutions which can support external ISP + MIPI interface.

  1. [C-05] AP-IMX290-MIPIYUVx1(Nano) This camera is 1080P 60fps on NANO.

2)[B-13] AP-IMX334-MIPIYUVx1 This camera is 4K 30fps on TX2

If you have further requirements, feel free to let me know.

Have you started shipping outside Taiwan yet?

Hi Jetsonnvidia,

Yes, we support world wide shipping.  You can purchase online and fill in your shipping info/account.  We will arrange the delivery.