Lite Version of OS?

anybody know of a lite version of the OS with all the necessary drivers they use in the dev image? this one is so big that its barely usable when downloading alot of files. I can remake the opencv and thinngs like that just wanna make sure drivers for the Nano are there

Hi scott.cadieux, if you use SDK Manager tool to flash the Nano, you can pick & choose which components get flashed to the device. However, the same Ubuntu distribution will be used, so you may wish to remove unwanted packages from that. For example, you could try one of the lightweight window managers. And if you look around the forums, there are folks who have also ported alternate distributions to the Nano that may have a smaller footprint that meets your needs.

thanks for response. i searched forums and didnt see anything. is there anyone with a link to a bare minimum OS wiuth needed drivers?

See this post for a list of topics regarding alternative distro’s for Nano:

Also you may be interested in this blog post about reducing the footprint of Ubuntu: