Little documentation mistake in ptx_sa_2.3.pdf


The documentation for membar in document ptx_sa_2.3.pdf contains a little documentation mistake on page 140:

.level = { .cta, ,gl, ,sys };

This should probably be:

.level = { .cta, .gl, .sys };

(dot instead of comma)

However, now I am not so sure anymore, down below it seems to display a list:

membar.{cta,gl} introduced in PTX ISA version 1.4.
membar.sys introduced in PTX ISA version 2.0.
Target ISA Notes membar.{cta,gl} supported on all target architectures.
membar.sys requires sm_20 or later.

^ So maybe comma is allowed in the list ?

(Probably not though, probably only allowed to select one, so it probably has to be a dot ;))