Live Link 3DS Max and Maya to simultaneously add and adjust, animations and blend shapes to Biped Character

I was looking into this tool to see if two artists could collaborate simultaneously on creating and adding different blend shapes and animations to the same FBX file. Is that possible?

The FBX file in question is a rigged character that uses a Biped IK, created and edited in 3DS Max. I’m wondering if I can use Maya to add work to it (either edit/add new blend shapes and/or edit/add new animations) while using Live Link.

Thank you in advance!

Hello @mateo.parra! You can use Omniverse to collaborate simultaneously on the same file inside of the Omniverse platform, but you need to use the USD file format. If you don’t know what this file format is, here are a couple of introduction videos. Omniverse uses this file format to seamlessly exchange information between applications.