Live LLaVA interface

When viewed in Chrome, the Live LLaVA output is larger than the monitor size. Are there a few steps we can take to adjust the view?

Hi @Sesame, the CSS is not entirely responsive to smaller devices (sorry about that, I try my best 😅) - what resolution is your monitor? I have optimized it for 1080p.

You can change the web UI by editing the dimensions in video_query.html, for example by decreasing width: 82rem;)

If you clone a local copy of NanoLLM, you can mount this into the container for easy development:

jetson-containers run -v /path/to/your/NanoLLM:/opt/NanoLLM $(autotag nano_llm)

Then you can make edits to the source from outside the container. Also if you change HTML/CSS, you don’t need to restart the entire app, you just need to refresh the page in your browser.

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