Live LLaVA no video displaying in browser when Orin doesn't connect to internet

We encountered an issue where when we ran the Live LLaVA without an Internet connection, the webcam video didn’t display in chromium browser.

We got Orin connected to Internet and re-ran the LLava again, the chromium
browser was able to display the webcam video.

Does this mean that the Live LLavA must operate over Internet?

I just created this issue yesterday:

For now, to see the video, you can change the video output like this:

–video-output display://0

It’ll be shown on the desktop, not in the browser though.

Thanks @tokada1, yes this is a WebRTC negotiation issue that is unrelated to the models themselves running locally, which require no internet connection after they are downloaded. You can try disabling the ICE servers in the javascript and GStreamer. Or you can use RTP/RTSP for --video-output and view it remotely that way through VLC or GStreamer on the client.

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