Live Sync of the Audio2Face character with Unreal 4

I’m trying to use Live Sync to synchronize Audio2Face face animation (speech) with Unreal 4. The Live Sync works, but it too slow. It is updating the character animation like every 2-3 seconds. Although if I use some basic rotation, for example, it does update it instantly.

Please let me know how to sync Audio2Face speech animation with UE4 in real time?

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@pavel.kulko great to hear you are trying this. Do you have a video to share how things look?

Live sync of A2F to UE4 is not currently supported but is great you are experimenting with it, for A2F, pls feel free to try and push. Is great to see what users do with the app and push it further so love to see your progress.

We are looking into officially supporting this so we can make it first easier to get A2F and UE working together easier, and if possible make live sync work from A2F to UE. This is something a lot of our users have asked for so we like to see how we can support this properly. Stay tuned for more updates.