Live Sync with MDL Material Nodes (not just base properties)

Using UE5.0.2 and Omniverse Create.

If I make a sphere with an MDL OmniPBR material and only change the base color inside of Create, Live Sync works as expected and I can see the change in Unreal.

If I create a node inside of the material graph (for example, Checker texture node, or really anything) I cannot seem to get the material to sync correctly - all that is synced are the base properties (not the MDL nodes in the node graph).

Is this some kind of limitation where only node-less materials are expected to have parity between Unreal and Omniverse?

Hello @ryan.joshua.jones! I’ve asked the dev team to take a look at this. I’ll post back when I have more information!

Hi Ryan, we’ve confirmed it’s a bug. Live editing material graph only works with Surface output, not Mdl:Surface output.
There’s another issue that changing output cannot be live edited. We’ll fix them in the next release.