Live technical sessions about TAO Toolkit and Pretrained models

Don’t miss out following live sessions at GTC (March 21- March 24)

  1. [S41773] AI Models Made Simple with NVIDIA TAO

Learn how to create and deploy custom, production-ready Vision AI and Conversational AI models without any expertise in AI. we’ll illustrate the power and ease of NVIDIA TAO Toolkit to customize a pre-trained model, optimizing it for inference and deploying it into production. We will share the latest capabilities and demonstrate the workflow of using TAO Toolkit in this talk.

Date/Time: Mar 21, 11am PDT

  1. [CWE41675] Connect with Experts: NVIDIA TAO Toolkit and Pre-Trained Models

Meet 1-1 with NVIDIA experts to get your questions answered. Seats are limited, so sign up today

Date/Time: March 23, 12pm PDT

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