Livelink doesn't work in Headless

Maybe there is some quick fixes that we can make while waiting for new release?

Releated to this issue Audio2Face 2023.2.0 Error - [StreamLivelink] the BLENDSHAPE NAMES input is empty

It looks like Nvidia Team had promised to fix it back in December, but so far no solution is provided.

Could you try this please?

This should be done throught API?

No, this solution is using the normal Audio2Face with the UI.

If you’d like to do it using REST API, you can send a very short audio to Audio2Face, then activate the Streaming like so:

    # send a very short audio to audio2face
    push_audio_track_stream(url, data[:10], samplerate, instance_name)
    # enable livelink
    enable_livelink_data = {
        "node_path": "/World/audio2face/StreamLivelink",
        "value": True
    result ="http://localhost:8011/A2F/Exporter/ActivateStreamLivelink", json=enable_livelink_data).json()