I have just installed v17.10 of a PGI compiler. I did not install the most recent version as the linux system is a bit dated with Centos5.
1.) The install seemed to have gone okay, but when I enter the command (as shown in the installation docs):
setenv LM_LICENSE_FILE /usr/local/pgi/linux86-64/17.10/license.dat:"$LM_LICENSE_FILE"
I get the following error:
LM_LICENSE_FILE: Undefined variable.
I am using csh. The licence.dat file does exist in said location.

2.) The licence.dat file has a commented line that says Valid through: October 31 2018
Is that correct? Will my licence even work?

Thanks for any thoughts.

The example from the docs presume that LM_LICENSE_FILE already has a value hence should get appended. Though since you don’t already have it set, you can just use:

setenv LM_LICENSE_FILE /usr/local/pgi/linux86-64/17.10/license.dat

Is that correct? Will my licence even work?

Yes, for both. The license is perpetual use and valid for all PGI releases prior to the end of October 2018, i.e. up to PGI version 18.10. So using 17.10 with this license is fine.

Note that we just released version 20.7 (PGI was rebranded as the NVIDIA HPC Compiler and packaged with the NVIDIA HPC SDK). This package is available at no cost (though you do need to register as an NVIDIA developer) and has the added benefit that you no longer need FlexLM. For full details see: https://developer.nvidia.com/hpc-sdk