lmgrd cannot start succesfully(not a valid server hostname)

I downloaded the workstation version of accelerator PGI compiler 15.9. And I generated a permanent license with the hostname (ip address of my server) and the hostid as required. It look like this:
SERVER c86000a2f23c 27000
DAEMON pgroupd
PACKAGE PGI2015-529375 pgroupd 2015.1025 3572D50BFED4
COMPONENTS=“pgi-cc-lin64 pgi-cpp-lin64 pgi-gpp-lin64
pgi-cc-lin32 pgi-cpp-lin32 pgi-gpp-lin32 pgi-prof-lin64
pgi-prof-lin32 pgi-dbg-lin64 pgi-dbg-lin32” OPTIONS=SUITE
SIGN=“12E2 7C6F 0F9F A39E DE70 3DC3 2FBD 3008 986D 8234 F47E
0F68 3D3F 2044 FC24 11FA 5C37 DB3A 1292 F392 C1CF E4CA DF74
C758 3A4A 9240 9E69 CB34 B0C3 D870”
FEATURE PGI2015-529375 pgroupd 2015.1025 permanent 1 804ACA41AE8E
VENDOR_STRING=529375:16:ws:accel HOSTID=c86000a2f23c
E7DB BD49 562F 3408 BD6D CEE1 6099 DD53 CB4B C820 0FAD 56D0
615B 01C2 85C7 90E9 70A7 471D E4FF 71A9 41F4 FC0F 2236 1F21
PACKAGE PGI-legacy-tools pgroupd 2014.1231 D6C9ED18E7F9
COMPONENTS=“pgi-prof pgi-dbg pgi-dbg-gui” OPTIONS=SUITE
SIGN=“0276 876F 019B 036C 65AA 6CCB BA45 1F6E 31F1 F594 EE95
022E 13B1 662E 4B8E 06F4 6CE8 D20F 2FBB F21B FB92 2E28 7463
2FF1 FC22 E90E 6B29 6164 4F33 47DC”
FEATURE PGI-legacy-tools pgroupd 2014.1231 permanent 1 CA03DFA1E628
VENDOR_STRING=529375:16:ws:accel HOSTID=c86000a2f23c
ACC4 45FE 5517 1F71 1700 7689 F3C9 5A7D A5F6 0F13 1A68 9F47
9C92 693B C6D1 8A58 8C8A 091E 1350 60C8 2E8B 7FE8 B4A4 9F89

However, when I try to use the gcc compiler, it alerts that license failed to check out. The error looks as follows:
pgc++ -O3 -ta=tesla:cc35 -c laplacian_acc.cpp -o LP_ACC.o
pgc++: LICENSE MANAGER PROBLEM: Failed to checkout license
pgc++: LICENSE MANAGER PROBLEM: Failed to checkout license
pgc++: LICENSE MANAGER PROBLEM: Failed to checkout license
pgc++: LICENSE MANAGER PROBLEM: Failed to checkout license
pgc++: LICENSE MANAGER PROBLEM: Cannot connect to license server system.
The license server manager (lmgrd) has not been started yet,
the wrong port@host or license file is being used, or the
port or hostname in the license file has been changed.
Feature: pgi-gpp-lin64
Server name:
License path: /opt/pgi/license.dat:
FlexNet Licensing error:-15,570. System Error: 115 “Operation now in progress”
For further information, refer to the FlexNet Licensing documentation,
available at “www.flexerasoftware.com”.
make: *** [LP_ACC.o] 2.

Therefore, I try to start the license server manager manually by using the command lmgrd. This time, it tells me that :
19:08:39 (lmgrd) Please Note:
19:08:39 (lmgrd)
19:08:39 (lmgrd) This log is intended for debug purposes only.
19:08:39 (lmgrd) In order to capture accurate license
19:08:39 (lmgrd) usage data into an organized repository,
19:08:39 (lmgrd) please enable report logging. Use Flexera Software LLC’s
19:08:39 (lmgrd) software license administration solution,
19:08:39 (lmgrd) FlexNet Manager, to readily gain visibility
19:08:39 (lmgrd) into license usage data and to create
19:08:39 (lmgrd) insightful reports on critical information like
19:08:39 (lmgrd) license availability and usage. FlexNet Manager
19:08:39 (lmgrd) can be fully automated to run these reports on
19:08:39 (lmgrd) schedule and can be used to track license
19:08:39 (lmgrd) servers and usage across a heterogeneous
19:08:39 (lmgrd) network of servers including Windows NT, Linux
19:08:39 (lmgrd) and UNIX. Contact Flexera Software LLC at
19:08:39 (lmgrd) www.flexerasoftware.com for more details on how to
19:08:39 (lmgrd) obtain an evaluation copy of FlexNet Manager
19:08:39 (lmgrd) for your enterprise.
19:08:39 (lmgrd)
19:08:39 (lmgrd) -----------------------------------------------
19:08:39 (lmgrd)
19:08:39 (lmgrd)
19:08:39 (lmgrd) “August”: Not a valid server hostname, exiting.
19:08:39 (lmgrd) Valid license server system hosts are: “”
19:08:39 (lmgrd) Using license file “/opt/pgi/license.dat”

You see, August is the name of my server, but not publicly recognized. And I did used the ip address to generate the license file, what is the problem? This server cannot have access to internet though (it is in intranet). How can I generate a usable license?

You have a node-locked license, meaning the only machine that can run the compilers is the machine with hostid c86000a2f23c.

So the only machine that needs to know where August is, is August, and it
does know its own name. So either edit the license file and change
the hostname to ‘August’, or change it to ‘localhost’, and make sure

ping localhost

returns, the loopback IPaddress.

If you are on a laptop, localhost is a better choice.


Great, your advice worked fine on my server, and the license manager (lmgrd) can start successfully now.

Thanks a lot!!!