Load imagenet.py with onnx file error

I installed Jetpack 4.2 ,pytorch 1.6 and onnx 0.06 on Jetson Nano. I followed this web(jetson-inference/pytorch-collect.md at master · dusty-nv/jetson-inference · GitHub) to load imagenet.py which is googlenet.onnx. But it has a problem below this picture. How to solve this problem?

Hi @andy8902, does it work with resnet18? If not, I think you need to upgrade your version of JetPack.

For older JetPack’s, the jetson-inference repo will install a specific fork of torchvision that was patched to avoid this issue with resnet18, but it seems you installed your own PyTorch. JetPack 4.2 is pretty old by this point so I would backup your work and re-flash with the latest Nano image.