Load modules without startup script

I have compiled kernel modules, I want to load it at boot time without using insmod in startup script. I tried by adding the module name in /etc/modules, but it didn’t work. Can anyone suggest?

Hi @kumar.yogarajah ,

We have discussed similar subject before. You can use “Startup Applications Preferences”. Just type like

insmod <module_name>

The topic is here.


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Hi ozguryildiz,
Thanks for your reply. I am following standard way of flashing image in tegra_tx2. I want to add third party kernel modules in modules.order file which is present in /lib/modules/4.9.140-tegra. Can you suggest a way to do the same?. Any change need to be added in kernel source code makefile for adding new .ko files?

FYI, after adding a module, one would typically run the command “sudo depmod -a” to have the modules.conf update. Having that done would (in theory) set it up such that an attempt to run software needing that module would cause the module to self load. There are things which can get in the way of this, e.g., if it needs an alias, then you’d probably have to create a configuration for the alias yourself.

Customizations are typically added in “/etc/modules-load.d/”. e.g., with a file named after the module or the application using the module.

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