Load Plan builded by TensorRT4.0.0.3

I have save a engine plan (the engine is builded by an onnxparser) using TensorRT4.0.0.3 on my PC, and

I want to use TensorRT of TX2 to load the plan, an error occured that version mismatch.
How can I get through the problem?
And when will TensorRT 4.0 be availavled on TX2?

Hi 403387795, you shouldn’t be loading an engine plan from another platform, regardless of TensorRT version. This is because TensorRT performs device-specific profiling and optimizations on the network graph. So you should only copy engine plans between Jetson TX2’s. Since Jetson TX1 has a different GPU than TX2, you shouldn’t copy engine plans between TX1 and TX2, either. TensorRT4 is planned for a future release of JetPack, but we don’t have a date for when that will be yet.