Loading a folder that has several subfolders containing DICOM series

I am just wondering whether Kaolin is able to load a folder that has several subfolders containing DICOM series to visualize the 3D volumes of CT or MRI? I can parse the volumes via python command to form the PyTorch datasets (presumably).


Hello @quantm88! Welcome to the community! Glad to have you part of the Omniverse family! I reached out to the Kaolin team for more help in answering your questions. I am hoping to hear back from them soon!

Hi @quantm88 ! Thank you for your interest in Kaolin!

What kind of workflow are you thinking about? Do you want to be able to load it in the Kaolin Library?

My current attempt is to locate all the training pairs of CT/MRI (each volume, in series of Dicom, is in a folder, pair with its label in nifty). I load them using MONAI and pytorch to train such a 3D UNet model for segmentation.

I would love to display the CT/MRI volumes like this page (possible with global transfer function to adjust the opacity) for a publication level figure.

For now, I have some issues with opening the Kaolin app after downloading from Omniverse, but I think it will be resolved soon.
Reading the Omniverse tutorial tells me some hints, for example, convert implicit function volumes to USD format and try to load as the video instructed.