Loading a material while the camera is moving causes a crash

When I am loading a scene and the materials are loading, if I move the camera and the materials come in, the whole program crashes.

@parrotdora Do you observe this crash with all scenes?

There is a possibility that you might be running out of memory especially if the scene is big.

Im using the simple room scene in the Isaac Examples. I don’t think Im running out of memory. Something about moving the camera with right click constantly pressed crashes the program when the materials finish loading.

I stand corrected. I am running out of memory. Although I don’t understand why. This only happens when the camera is moving. Isaac Failing

Its probable that the camera movement is causing a spike in the memory usage which adds to the intensive process of materials loading in general.

I have not been able to get a reliable repro on this one yet and trying to get one. In the meanwhile, it might be better to let material loading finish before any camera movement. FYI, having a GPU with more VRAM will surely help.

This problem is happening with a 3090

Memory increase during shader compilation (when the progress bar is loading) is a known issue with the current public release. The next release will greatly reduce system memory usage on linux due to this.