Loading EDID from file Quadro K4200


not sure if this is the right forum, but I’m new here.

I am having an issue loading an EDID to a graphic card output on the Quadro K4200. I save the EDID given by the screen that is connected to a file, but when I try to re-load it back to the output I get this error:

I’m using the Driver 388.16. I updated recently, to no avail. Just updated to Windows 10 from Windows 8 and that didn’t help either. Using the same card in a different model PC let’s me load the EDID.

Can anybody help out?

By the way, I’m using mosaic mode in a 2x2 setup of Full HD screens. The reason for loading the EDID is because occasionally the PC doesn’t recognise a screen when starting, and we have to setup mosaic again by hand (museum).

I appreciate any help!


It looks like you have MOSAIC enabled. You need to disable MOSAIC prior to loading the EDID.

Ryan Park

Thanks for your reply.
That makes no difference. Same problem persists.