Loading Engine Fails

A2F is not able to load the engine after building if for a while, I tried to reinstall the app many times with different GPUs and nothing. The app just crashes without warning.

I’m running A2F in Linux with a RTX 4090 and 24GB of GPU RAM. I’ve alse tried in RTX 3090 and RTX 6000. A2F version 2023.2.0, also tried previous versions

Can you send us your crash logs ? Are you running it directly in Ubuntu or through a container ? Do you have the latest drivers installed ?

I’m running it in a container with the base image ai-dock/linux-desktop:pytorch-2.2.0-py3.10-cuda-12.1.0-runtime-22.04.
From which dir can I get the logs for sharing them?

And why are you running it a container ? This can cause so many issues