Loading files in omniverse from 3ds max using fbx, obj and usd

What are the recommended steps to load models from 3ds max to Omniverse?
Currently we are trying to load models from 3ds max to Omniverse using fbx, obj and usd, but we are facing issues related to loss of materials while exporting from 3ds max and importing in omniverse.


Welcome to the forums! This is the feedback category, for Omniverse questions please post here. I will move this post over for you.

@sumon.jo.bcse23 as another user, depending on the material and map type you are using inside of Max, there will still be some translation issue into MDL in OV (some are still not fully supported at this time). if you could elaborate more on your material set up, it may help to understand what is causing the incompatibility. as a test, you can try testing with a basic standard/legacy material with simple diffuse color to confirm whether that comes through into OV.

You will continue to have material transfer issues from 3dsmax to usd composer if you try to use the built in exporters in 3dsmax. Even 3dsmax 2024. This is why we offer a very comprehensive and powerful OV CONNECTOR plugin for 3dsmax. You can download it from the OV Launcher under connectors. Using this new toolbar makes transfer much faster and much easier. We support standard materials and vray materials. So please use one of those two.

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