Loading Firmware for 10GbE AQR113C on bootup


We designed a custom carrier board which uses the same ethernet chip as the dev board however the chip doesn’t have any firmware and therefore doesn’t work. We got the image of the firmware from Marvell. How can I set it up so it automatically uploads the firmware image on the bootup sequence.


For the firmware update, please contact with Marvell for the update tool.

I’ve contacted Marvell and they gave me the Firmware image and the C API to write it using MDIO. The problem is that the MDIO implementation is hardware specific. They are referring me to Nvidia.


Sorry for late reply. It took a while to communicate with our factory. The firmware on our module is flashed through a socket but not flash through the MDIO on module.

It is through this socket.

On a related topic. Since the ethernet phy doesn’t have an image obviously it doesn’t work but it seems like no other internet connection works either whether using a USB Wifi dongle or a USB ethernet dongle. But the same exact Orin module on the dev board works with the off-the-shelf wifi and ethernet dongle. The is no problem with the USB port on the carrier PCB because it works for other stuff like the mouse/keyboard/webcam/etc.

Is the eth0 not work cause the whole networking not to function? Is there a sequence in the network manger that gets hung on the eth0? The plant is to get the board connected to the internet at least so we can continue the development and fix the Firmware IMage of the ethernet later.

It could be some other configuration on your custom board does not match to default device tree. Hardly to tell with current information. Please file a new topic and share your boot up log from UART serial console.

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@WayneWWW So we spend a lot of time trying to write to the flash with MDIO. We were finally successful in doing it both on the dev board and the custom board. The flashing is done and verified. We also read Nvidia’s dev firmware from flash.

No ethernet firmware boot log: boot.log (90.7 KB)
Nvidia’s Ethernet firmware boot log: boot - Nvidia Ethernet Firmware.log (91.3 KB)
Marvel Ethernet firmware boot log: boot - Marvel Genearic Firmware.log (92.1 KB)

It seems like we are not getting this error on the custom board boot log anymore after uploading a firmware: Aquantia AQR113C 6810000.ethernet:00: aqr107_wait_reset_complete failed: -110

All the connections/pins on the custom board PCB are identical to the dev board.

So the ethernet started working after a lot of troubleshooting of the AQR113C’s firmware. We had to change a couple of registers of Nvidia’s version of the firmware that we took from the flash connected to the dev board’s AQR113C. Marvel’s standard firmware didn’t work probably because there is a section on the driver that checks for specific firmware to be loaded into the flash.

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