Loading in URDF colors/textures

How to import texture in isaac sim? And I can not find any information about assets importer mentioned in Loading in URDF colors/textures

And when I set Create Instanceable Asset to True when import urdf file, all the prims seem to have default material, and the texture is gone

Hi @user144975 - Have you reviewed this URDF importer documentation and it’s notes?URDF Importer — Omniverse IsaacSim latest documentation

If you still have the issue then can you elaborate on your issue? Maybe a screenshot or short video will be helpful.

Yes, I have already read the documentation.

The urdf file I want to convert is at https://github.com/jmscslgroup/catvehicle/blob/noetic_gazebo-11/urdf/catvehicle.urdf

I change the path from package:// to relative path, and import use urdf importer, here is the result:

when I load, the texture is not showing:

when I add the material manually, it seems wrong:

when I check the Convex Decomposition,each link seems has its own material, but it doesn’t much the texture.

The URDF mentioned has all visuals defined using STL files, which are a file format that only contains geometry information. I would recommend trying to edit/regenerate the URDF using the OBJs or DAEs for visual - as they are likely to have the texture applied to them.