Local Host repeated login at every folder level

So fairly new to Omniverse. I am currently trying to use Audio2Face. I set up the Nucleus local server and the Localhost is there, but it’s literally making me login at EVERY folder level I click down into within it. I feel like there is a setting or something I am missing that would prevent this from happening?
It’s working so far but it’s highly annoying to have to login 10 times to get to the folder of content you need to get to so would like to correct the issue if I can-

Hello @ryan.vincent! To fully understand why this might be happening, I will need to take a look at your full log file.

Let’s try this out.

  1. Close your Omniverse apps
  2. Open your localhost sever by clicking this link: http://localhost:3080/
  3. Navigate to the Apps tab, look at your Auth service.
  4. Make sure the Launch on System Monitor startup is enabled / checked
  5. Click the Restart All button
  6. Leave this browser open
  7. Launch A2F and navigate to your localhost folder

You may have to log in once, but if it asks you to login again, go back to the localhost browser and click the Download Log icon for the Auth service and attach it here.