Local memory - no requests but numerous transactions

Hi people
Using NSIGHT VS Perfomance Analysis I got strange results in Memory Statistic. Report for Local Memory shows that there were no requests from the kernel to load or store in local memory but nevertheless there are many load/store transactions with local memory through L1 cache.

Compiler output does not show any implicit use of local memory as well:
1> ptxas : info : Compiling entry function ‘_Z9kergetsigPKjPKfS2_jiPjPd’ for ‘sm_30’
1> ptxas : info : Function properties for _Z9kergetsigPKjPKfS2_jiPjPd
1> 0 bytes stack frame, 0 bytes spill stores, 0 bytes spill loads
1> ptxas : info : Used 16 registers, 528 bytes smem, 372 bytes cmem[0], 120 bytes cmem[2]

How it may be?
Is it a bug in the profiler or I do not understand something?


Can you please provide

  • Nsight Visual Studio Edition version,
  • target GPU, and
  • if possible a source or binary reproducible.
  • Greg

    •Nsight Visual Studio Edition build
    target GPU GeForce GTX 680
    I wanted to attach the respective Performance Analysis report and .exe file but could not find a way to do it…
    May I send them to you by e-mail?
    PNGSeeker140105_008.rar (51.6 KB)

    I have found the “attach” button but gives the error
    Could not save uploaded file… etc.

    Oh… sorry
    I did attach it despite the error…

    PNGSeeker.rar (72 KB)

    This program works with data read from disk but these data are large ~2GB.
    How can I send them?

    Hi mikekis,

    Could you paste your email address here then I could send you an FTP link to upload data? Thanks.


    I responded to your letter and uploaded the required data file. Thank you.