Local model upload error


I am trying to upload the “clara_mri_annotation_brain_tumors_t1ce_tc_no_amp” to me AIAA server. I downloaded the model from ngc, I extracted the folder and I am using the command bellow:

curl -X PUT "http://{serverIP}/admin/model/crala_upload_test_model" -F "config={pathToExtractedFolder}\config\config_aiaa.json;type=application/json" -F "data={pathToExtractedFolder}\models\model.trt.pb"

I am getting the response: “Model/Config Not Found in the request” and the server logs are:
Model: crala_upload_test_model
Reading Config from Form Params
Reading Config failed: Expecting value: line 1 column 1 (char 0)
Will try to find config_aiaa.json inside archive
Is something wrong with the command I use?

Thank you.

Thanks for your interest in clara train SDK
if you are downloading our model from NGC then your mmar should already be in a zip file so you can directly upload it to AIAA using

!curl -X PUT "" -F $dataArg

Hope that helps

Yes, that “@” was what it was missing. Thank you.