Local Nucleus Server Jenkins Unable to Log In

I installed the Omniverse Launcher on Ubuntu 18, and a nucleus server. Installation of both went fine, but when the Nucleus server launches, it gives me a Jenkins login page that does not recognize my administrator account, or any of the “standard” accounts (admin, omniverse, jenkins). This is only happening on my Ubuntu 18 machine, and not my Ubuntu 20 machine. I would just run on the Ubuntu 20 machine, but it lacks the requisite hardware.

Did I miss something when installing? I thought I just had to run the omniverse launcher and install a nucleus server, and that was it. Am I missing some security thing?

Thanks :)

@aaron49 -
You should not have to do anything else to install workstation nucleus.

  • what browser is configured as default?
  • can you send screen shot of login window in this situation

And when I put in my admin password it says my username or password is incorrect. I am totally unable to log in. The default browser is currently Firefox. Even when I set the default browser to Chrome though it does the same thing.

@aaron49 -
I think you have Jenkins installed on your Linux server. I think the default port number used is 8080, so this will conflict with Omniverse port 8080 that is used for the login auth.

Ah, yeah, that would make sense. Is there a way to change the Omniverse port to something else? I don’t want to mess with our Jenkins setup because it’s used for a variety of things I don’t want to break.

@aaron49 -
Can you enter this in your browser http://localhost:3080/
You should see a web page for apps, then select configure ports:

Change WEB port to some free port number.

Tell me if this works