localization and mapping

i’m a student and i’m new in this fild.i have Nvidia agx xavier card and i would like to do the mapping and the localization in real time into my autonomous robot.
is the module Slameware can help me? and is that compatible with my card ?
Have you another solution?
Help please.

Hi mohamedabdallah.enicar,

We’re not sure if Slameware could help due to not done any test yet, and SLAM is a big field, and there are several SLAM-Projects around, maybe other developer can share experience or you could use search functions to see if can find some similar topics as reference.


thanks Kaycc for your reply.
have you any idea how can i control this kind of servomotor"Ac brushless motor (BLS 112A).

To safely operate a servo motor you’d want to look into a servo drive. Chose the right servo drive based on the power/performance spec of the motor you’d like to use. Depending on the servo drive you chose, you can interface via the bus supported by the drive and send it control commands.